Soukhyada Hospitals offer comprehensive care to women before, during and after pregnancy. Our team of experienced doctors, who are sensitive to the need of the mother, are committed to providing the best possible care. Our centers offer a soothing and safe environment to make the experience of childbirth calm, comfortable and truly special.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive antenatal care including timely scanning, blood test, immunization, nutritional advice etc.
  • Treatment for Diabetes, Hypertension (PIH), Asthama, Thyroid disorders, Bleeding disorders, Cardiac problems, blood transfusion and other medical problems associated with pregnancy.
  • Multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets) care with post-delivery monitoring of newborns
  • Cervical encirclage when cervix is dilated prematurely
  • Painless normal delivery for patients (Labour analgesia) and emphasis on normal vaginal delivery under suitable condition
  • Caesarean section for indicated cases
  • Comprehensive post-delivery maternal care services
  • Timely attention for breast abscess drainage and other minor problems
  • Advice on post-delivery exercises and maternal nutrition
  • Complex and rare procedures like medical management of ectopic pregnancy and Laparoscopic management of ruptured ectopic (tubal) pregnancy to achieve faster recovery and to ensure normal pregnancy in future.
  • Emergency Cervical encirclage with minimal bulge of membranes to save/protect precious pregnancy
  • Uterine artery ligation/ internal iliac artery ligation in case of severe uncontrolled bleeding(PPH) during delivery, one of the problems seen during delivery
  • Infertility evaluation and treatment – Medical evaluation and Laparoscopic treatment whenever necessary
  • Fertility enhancing surgeries like Septal resection through hysteroscopy
  • Laparoscopic tubal recanalization for those who wish to conceive post tubectomy
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Management of threatened or other type of abortions